Yacht Electric Service Phuket

Naval electrical systems, maintenance, Project and design, repair, consulting electrical and electronic systems for yachts.

The staff of our company has been working for years in the design and construction of electrical systems, domotics instrumentation in the naval sector, and in particular on yachts and super yachts, our manager has worked for over 15 years for some of the best Italian shipyards, following design, construction and maintenance of on board systems for yachts from 10 to 50 meters, sailing and motor, as well as having considerable experience in the field of assistance and maintenance of electrical and electronic systems on board.

Our company boasts a decade of experience in the design, installation and supply of electrical systems, instrumental electronics, automation systems, custom control systems, revenue, home automation, audio / video networks and multimedia systems for every need, from the simplest to the most complex and technologically advanced.

Thanks to our staff and international partners, we can offer technologically advanced solutions, design systems and highly qualified personnel, we are able to design, provide, carry out and carry out repairs and maintenance for all electrical, electronic, instrumentation, domotics, audio systems / video, entertainment, networks and multimedia systems.

The customer and his satisfaction have always been our goal.

To dare where others do not dare: our mission.

The ever-widening range of problems that designers and builders have to face is a challenge for us in finding solutions that optimize resources, means, implementation and activation of plants.

The goal of achieving new markets for future expansion has led us to open a company in Thailand, in synergy with foreign companies to which we have added our know-how of planning, work organization, taking advantage of their direct collaborations for specialized workers to be used for expansion on foreign markets, to which we are applying a personnel training program in terms of safety at work, method of execution of works, organization of construction site. The activities are followed by expert engineers and with the support of a network of partners that allow us to face every request.

Enthusiasm. Passion. Innovation. Professionalism.

Your values ​​… our philosophy ..